• How Will You Know If Your Child Is...
    • Being bullied?
    • Texting in class, late at night, or with strangers?
    • Sexting?
    • Downloading inappropriate apps?
  • Top 5 Reasons for Parents to Use Code9 Mobile
    • Creates an open dialogue about safety and usage
    • Allows parents to set expectations and monitor behavior
    • Relieves children of concerns related to cell phone safety and peer pressure
    • Sets limits on access that the world has to our children via their cell phones
    • A collaborative tool for families – not spyware
  • Choose Your Plan:
    STANDARD $9.99/mo

    Monitor your child's phone usage

    • Real-time Location Tracking
    • Text & Contacts Monitoring
    • Activity Reports
    PREMIUM $14.99/mo

    Monitor & manage your child's phone usage

    • Phone Usage & Curfew Settings
    • Real-time Location Tracking
    • Text & Contacts Monitoring
    • Safety Alerts
    • Activity Reports
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  • Family Safety, Security & Awareness

    Code9 gives our family the opportunity to talk about cell phone safety and usage issues together. We've been able to address some concerns with school administrations about texting during classroom hours and peer group issues that we wouldn't have known about without this app. Our daughters feel safer and less susceptible to peer pressure because of Code9.

    Code9 Mobile provides relief and an added layer of protection for our entire family from some of the pressures and concerns that arise when kids have cell phones.

    ~Don, a Code9 Mobile parent since 2011

Phone Usage & Curfew Settings Real-time Location Tracking Text & Contact Monitoring Safety Alerts Activity Reporting


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Know What Happens on Your Child’s Mobile Phone


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